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The Story of Grammy O’s Sticky Buns

Like many great stories, this one began a long, long time ago.  However, this story does not take place in outer space or a magical land, but a kitchen in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  This is where Margaret Landis Schmell Overholt, better known to her grandchildren as Grammy O, showed her family how much she loved them. By pouring herself into the food baked in that kitchen, she demonstrated her love and taught them the importance of enjoying delicious, homemade food with your family.  She taught them to savor life.

Fast forward a few years.  Margaret’s granddaughter Heather was beginning a new chapter of her story.  In exploring options for the future, Heather found herself pondering the past.  When thinking of Grammy O, Heather’s thoughts always returned to Grammy’s kitchen and her sticky buns.  Heather’s direction soon became clear.

While Grammy left a legacy of love, she did not leave behind her recipes.  After months of experimenting and taste-testing with obliging siblings, Heather found the right combination of cinnamon, brown sugar and hand-rolled dough.  Grammy O’s Sticky Buns were here again.

At Grammy O’s Sticky Buns, we believe that food is more than a means of nourishment.  Good food is essential for mental, social, intellectual and spiritual sustenance.  Take time to breath deep and live in the moment.  Take time to feel the texture of food on your tongue and the lingering aroma in your kitchen.

Take time to Savor Life.


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